Here’s a perfect self care idea for a date night-in with your significant other or whenever you are in need of some me time.


After working hard these past few weeks, the wear and tear definitely called for some “us time” to decompress and just enjoy each other’s company while enjoying some of our favorite things.

The great thing about self-care kits is that you can make them for anyone. It’s a thoughtful and considerate way to show someone you care about that they are appreciated.

You can also put together your own self-care kit and keep it somewhere you like to relax or prepare one for an upcoming vacation or business trip. I keep one under my nightstand. Inside I have body cream and a handheld body massage roller. I use this combo to not only add moisture after a shower but also to massage and stretch my hands and fingers and roll out any stiffness from working all day on my computer.

I also keep a notepad and pen, a rice filled heating pad, tissue, hand sanitizer, my current fav book, my Pacifica lavender body & pillow Mist, bottle water and a bag or two of my fav snacks. If you’ve had a long day and just want to hop in the bed or on the couch and relax without getting up 10 times to grab your favorite things, a self care bag, basket, box is a great way to indulge. The woven baskets we used this night are from Costco. Only $7 for two!

self care idea

Couples How-To:

Find time throughout your day, week, or month to pick up items that you know your significant other would enjoy. Doesn’t have to be pricey so be creative! If you live together, also grab a few of their favorite items around the house. Be sure to grab those items right before the exchange so they don’t realize their missing. Next, plan a date if you are both participating otherwise, you could simply surprise them, a family member, friend, or anyone deserving.


✔️ Fellas, this calls for you to be a little more attentive. Ladies this calls for you to appreciate his efforts 😉
✔️ Here are a few items ideas I picked up from @target to get you going but the key is to listen for things they would enjoy or that you could enjoy together. Fav snack or drink, novelty dice, fav candles, Fav bubble bath, bombs, scrubs, or shower gel, massage oils, etc. You could even have a theme.
✔️ Make a night of it binge-watching your favorite shows or movies or just a night with some chill music and good conversation.

self care idea

Share in the comments below items you would put in your self care basket?