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My personal lifestyle blog all about work-life balance as a multi-passionate creativepreneur, self care enthusiast and plant-based foodie. I share my experiences, stories, self growth resources and more to inspire, support and empower women like myself who are building their brands and business all while in pursuit of a happy, healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Wifin’ it. Building it. Living it. Balancing it all.

Finding balance between being a supportive and attentive wife, spending quality time with family & friends as well as being a creativepreneur comes with it’s own set of challenges. On top of that, juggling multiple unrelated tasks and filling the demands of life also complicates priorities.

Everything needs attention even when there’s just not enough time, mental space or hands to handle it all. I can’t stand the feeling of anxiety knowing something will fall short. The amount of personal time you lose to reflect, process emotions and recharge can leave you burnt out and discouraged.

I believe it’s important for me to not only share the wins, but also the losses. The not-so glamorous anecdotes to encourage others that your true testimony comes from life falling apart in order to fall right in place. It’s a constant reminder that what you are manifesting for your life is aligning with the universe you just have to trust the journey.

We all come to a crossroad in our life where lines become blurred and we are not sure if we are at our breaking point or our breakthrough. It could mean completely walking away from our aspirations and goals out of fear of failure or changing the trajectory of our life with the next step 3 feet from gold. That’s why I started blogging; it has become my pathway to self discovery and self growth. It is a passion project that has helped me learn more about myself and my greatness and I am truly enjoying every bit of this journey.

I don’t always get it right but, I do find clarity and inspiration when I reflect on my own experiences. So you won’t find perfection here but, you will find perspective from seeing me stepping outside my own self to assess and reset on my journey.

Wife. Creative. Entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur, much of my time is split between managing our sports businesses, Great Gain Athletics and So Cal Fierce Basketball and building my personal brands.

I just recently launched my lifestyle street-wear brand, Brn Crtv to represent the creative culture and remind us all that our talents are our gifts and our purpose. My multimedia canvas, The Soultry Group, will always be my first love; celebrating the art of connecting souls through music, entertainment, culture and news.

All that I’ve learned about business & brand development, self growth and maintaining healthy social connections, I am sharing here to help others get ahead of the learning curve.

Self Care Enthusiast.

Being ambitious, I sometimes forget to prioritize self care. I love to recharge indulging in all things personal care, health & wellness as well as beauty & style. Self care is an integral part of restoring balance in my work and personal life . Not only do I hold myself accountable for much needed me time guilt free, I also get to share with you the benefits of rejuvenation.

Plant-based Vegan.

I also am very excited to now be living a plant-based vegan lifestyle. Excited to share everything I’m learning from recipes, foodie faves & finds and all the insight I’ve gathered on this journey.

More Lifestyle. More Inspo for your mind, body and soul.

Although achieving work-life balance is a personal assignment and may look and feel differently to everyone, I like to think of it as a harmonious alignment of accomplishment and gratification that provides more personal happiness and fulfillment in your life.

Nonetheless, with the push and pull of life constantly evolving around us, the question always remains, can we truly ever achieve work-life balance? I’d say Yes! I believe firmly that you can manifest anything you want in life by developing a self growth mindset.

My aspiration to empower women to cultivate their life’s design and experience a happier, healthier and balanced lifestyle is rewarding in itself. My hope is to find my tribe where support goes in a circle organically and authentically! How powerful that would be!? I know we all need a place and space to go for recourse and inspiration for our mind, body and soul and I aspire to be a beacon of light to keep you motivated on your journey.

Talk to you soon!



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