How do you take skill set, ambition, talent and formulate that into success? By developing and entrepreneurial mindset.

If I knew then what I know now, I’d be a lot closer to my goals; something that used to echo in my brain every time I was faced with a new challenge or another learning curve. But now, I’ve learned to appreciate where life has taken me and what I’ve learned along the way by developing a entrepreneurial mindset.

entrepreneurial mindset

With time, I believe we all gather more insight on what is purposeful and truly fulfilling in our life and gravitate towards that. Of course some of us manifest this in their life sooner than others. You’ll hear those stories like, “ I always knew I was going to be… since I was a little girl…” That’s a beautiful realization!

For the rest of us like me, who struggled with honing in on one thing, tend to go through building blocks of self-discovery especially with career endeavors.

However, once we’ve paved the way, we can be just as successful and fulfilled as those who knew early on. That’s why I feel it’s important before you embark upon any career endeavor to first cultivate the right mindset. Once you understand the assignment, achieving the life you want becomes less daunting. The realization that the ups and downs, wins and losses are just part of the journey makes the life you want more obtainable.

entrepreneurial mindset

I started following Gary Vee’s channels some years back and instantly identified with his journey to success. He went through many phases of the entrepreneurial journey before he became who he is today. What I realized looking back now is that although I honed so many talents and skill sets, one thing I had not developed was an entrepreneurial mindset.

An entrepreneurial mindset is an approach that enables you to conquer challenges, accept responsibility for your actions, and be decisive. Entrepreneurs are not born; instead, they are driven by the need to improve their skills, take action on ideas, and learn from mistakes to excel in life.

entrepreneurial mindset

I felt I was doing all the above but my approach was wrong. I wasn’t intentional! I was developing all these skills but wasn’t applying them to anything; especially anything I was truly passionate about. It’s like training to be this great basketball player but never actually applying those skills to manifest a professional basketball career. It becomes what we often call a hobby.

I discovered my itch for entrepreneurial-ship later in life. My passion lied within my ability to use my creativity to breathe life into a vision. I just didn’t know what I wanted to do with this new found passion. How could I use my skill set and talent to manifest the life I wanted. The more I explored my passion, the more intentional my steps became.

Today, I am by no means where I desire to be but I am one step closer just by tapping into my entrepreneurial mindset. I started listening to or reading about successful entrepreneurs like Gary Vee, especially in this year, being ask ‘what was your secret formula for your achieved success?’

What I’ve gathered and learned so far, I’ve shared below.

entrepreneurial mindset

Entrepreneurial Mindset: Secret Formula for Success

The question might sound simple, but it’s not because there is no secret or straightforward formula to be successful in life. You need to think and work like an entrepreneur for your personal development and success. To develop an entrepreneurial mindset, would require:

  • Ownership of your life and a belief to influencing and succeed their outcomes and empowering oneself.
  • Self-directed, highly engaged, and action-oriented goals that keep entrepreneurs focused and motivated.
  • Entrepreneurs optimistically interpret adverse events and drive opportunities from challenges which make them resourceful, solution-oriented, and resilient.
  • Entrepreneurs seek knowledge throughout their lives with convergence on creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking.
  • Critical guidance from an intentional community acts as a positive influence that breeds unique qualities in entrepreneurs.

The Art of Patience, Tenacity, and Discipline

Visionary: entrepreneurs require outside-of-the-box thinking for the ideas and to overcome challenges to build a successful business. The three most important characteristics of entrepreneurs are patience, tenacity, and discipline.


The stress from our daily lives and work exposes us to experience frustration, making it a challenge to practice patience consistently. In tough times, patience can act as a self-control exercise that helps us look outside the problem situation and have high moral standards.


Tenacity is likely the most crucial trait in an entrepreneur because it strengthens the person to try again and never take ‘no’ for an answer. Tenacity defines the difference between success and surrender that leads to the identification in the market. Entrepreneurs do not pay heed to the doubters around them and challenge every hurdle in the way.


Discipline empowers people to cope with challenges and problems in life to achieve personal development. Being disciplined offers you resources to improve your skill-set, the opportunity to grow and to test your edges to learn, implement and solve problems.

entrepreneurial mindset
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Effectiveness of Patience, Tenacity, and Discipline towards Entrepreneurs Success

When you start a business, there is an expectation that it will be a success, but failure, setbacks, and frustrations help personal growth and change in your personality and business. Here is how patience is an effective tool to achieve an entrepreneurial mindset.

  • Exhibiting patience shows your determination and persistence towards your business. It demonstrates that you have the humility and commitment to stay on the right path.
  • With resilience and patience, you can remain embedded in your goals despite unexpected setbacks. You are aware of the pros and cons of your actions, and frustration does not cause clouded judgment on actions.
  • You learn that everyone and everything does not run according to your schedule, and things can go the other way around. Patience is the key to accept the truths about business failures and finding solutions for the problems.
  • Your entrepreneurial spirit has a crucial ingredient of patience that develops solid and long-term relationships with the community.

You can cultivate tenacity to embrace personal development in your journey to entrepreneurship and accept failures as a learning opportunity. Here is why tenacity is practical for success towards personal development.

  • Tenacity helps you to avoid blame and judgments after a failure. There is no need to feel embarrassed, instead, remove the emotions from mistakes and use rational exploration to improve your skills.
  • We learn the most in adverse times, and they make us strong. Your start-up business will have several firsts- (clients, employees), and all of these are not bound to work out.
  • Share your failure experiences with people you trust and gain an outside perspective to handle problems efficiently.
  • When you feel that something is not working out, stop and rest your plan of action. Adjust your course of procedure and start over.

Discipline drives entrepreneurial success.

  • Disciplined people are hard-working, and they do not compromise on average life. They crave to test their boundaries and edges to work an extra hour to learn something valuable.
  • Disciplined people understand that with health comes wealth. Therefore, they not only focus on excelling in their career. Instead, they commit to healthy eating, exercise, and enough sleep.
  • Disciplined people have a willingness to listen, learn, work, wait, and seek guidance. Entrepreneurs require an enthusiastic approach to give time and energy to each necessary dime to meet their goals.

People who value their time and even the time of others are aspiring entrepreneurs who commit to punctuality. They set organized objectives for their meetings, deadlines, and goals to fulfill the requirements in time.

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Or currently running a successful business? How have you leveled up your mindset to manifest the life you desire? Comment below.