GRWM: Installing Distressed Butterfly Faux Locs

Hey Lifestylers, in this video, I am trying out crochet distressed butterfly faux locs from a company called Leeven. I decided that I would no longer be a lazy natural going into the new year and wanted to experiment with some protective styles since I’m back in the gym.

Braid pattern

I went with a illusion braid style for the most part leaving out a some hair in the front for individual locs. I did not realize it until it was too late that these butterfly locs were meant specifically for crocheting. The crochet gave no wiggle room to wrap around or pull through you individual braid.

GRWM: Installing Distressed Butterfly Faux Locs

Next time: For this faux loc style, I will stick with the illusion braid style throughout my whole head. Or if I want to do individuals braids, I will feed in loc hair and wrap it around the root of my braid.

Installing Distressed Butterfly Faux Locs

GRWM: Installing Distressed Butterfly Faux Locs

I believe it took a good 6-7 hours with breaks of course to complete this look. Overall, I like the final look however, it was very difficult to install in the beginning. That was because of the thickness and stiffness of the was hard to feed through my braids.

GRWM: Installing Distressed Butterfly Faux Locs
1. Liked the color.
2. Didn’t have a weird chemical smell.
1. Very stiff and hard to feed through braids.
2. Started to mat after a few days.
3. Heavy not light weight.

Overall I liked but didn’t love the final look. However, I did receive a lot of compliments which swayed my own thoughts that maybe I was just being too critical. Now would I ever wear this style again? Check out my video below to find out!