If you are familiar with the benefits of vision boards then you’ll love seeing your future self envisioned with this Manifestation Vision Board! Keep reading for a creatively fun visualization tool to help you power through the New Year!


Traditional vision boards are a collage of pictures, words, quotes, images and affirmations and more to act as inspiration and motivation when setting goals, aspirations and desires you want to accomplish or experience. There are many types and styles you can create including Dream boards, grids, scrapbooks, bullet journals and cork boards.

In recent years, digital boards created from Pinterest , Canva and mobile apps have gained more popularity due to the fact that you can easily use templates to create and save your vision boards to your phone or computer as a screensaver or, print and frame them.


Vision boards are beneficial in that they are a great visualization tool to help you get clear and intentional about what you want to attract into your life. This may be a dream job or business endeavor, a fitness goal, a lifestyle change and more. The style, inspiration, placement is entirely up to you giving you the freedom to create something as simple or eclectic as your imagination will allow.

However, like others, I got caught up in reading those step by step guides and success stories about the benefits of vision boards yet struggled to sow those into my own life. Was I being unrealistic in thinking simply cutting out inspirational images and words would magically re-program my subconscious mind and supercharge me into this pro-active goal-getter!

Well, kind of…

I’d say reality kicked back in after my motivational high dwindled and I started to realize I had spent way more time day dreaming about what was on my vision board rather than acting on it. In the same way we see motivated gym goers including myself, at the top of the year only to find ourselves mid-march throwing in the towel.

By the fall season, I was putting unnecessary pressure on myself trying to “do it all” without considering my mental health, well-being and life circumstances. It was a clear indication to me that I was missing an important piece to the puzzle; how do I actually use the vision board to attract the things I want in my life without it becoming a constant reminder of what I had not accomplished or acquired?

I believe in order for a vision board to be truly effective, it must act as a stimuli that evokes an unwavering drive and ambition. It has to become a reflection or visual representation of what I already believe about myself to be true. There was also some inner work I needed to do first to remind me that I was deserving and capable of doing and attracting great things.

I decided this time around to be more intentional and do something fresh and different that focused on how I wanted to see my future self.

Manifestation Mindset map

Part of the inner work I did, was create a mindset shift map to help me refill my cup. We all know especially us women, that we can be our own worst enemy in more ways than one. I wanted to be able to release and reset letting go everything that no longer served me and attract the meaningful experiences that aligned with the universe. This also allowed me to confidently express positive thoughts and feelings uninhibitedly in my self talk. Being unapologetic about self love and self worth was the mindset shift I needed to be able to envisioned myself growing and glowing.

Now for the fun part!

Manifestation Vision Board type

Re-envision the possibilities of a Vision Board

For my vision board TYPE, I decided to go with a
VisionBILLBOARD” to create my theme.

Billboards are used for advertisements and work at effectively building brand awareness in high traffic areas. The messaging is usually simple but clear and clever and is intended to attract customers or consumers.

With this vision billboard, you are in essence advertising what your future self will look like and using visual messaging that is clear and even bold to evoke emotions that compel you to move more proactively towards that you wish to manifest.

What is so uniquely creative about this type of vision board is that it doesn’t look like your typical vision board but rather a fun piece of art. People will admire it from afar hanging on your wall without truly understanding the meaning behind it but you!

So what should your Vision “Billboard” look like?

  • 1. You are the star of your board so you should be the main attraction. Instead of image cut outs of other people, try finding a couple pictures of yourself that make you feel confident and proud. If you can’t find any you like, it may be time to play a little dress up. It’s important to SEE YOURSELF as the focal point for self reflection.
  • 2. Focus on one main area or one part of your life you want to manifest first. Then, find creative ways to display other aspirations, and desires directly or indirectly.
  • 3. It represents your future self. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying something like, “Dress for the career you want not than the job you have”. Think of what the end goal would look like and then build a theme around that. It should convey your desire to move with clear intentions and empower you to act on your goals and not just day dream about them. Let’s say you want to start a candle business. You might take a picture holding one candle but have a background image a large distribution warehouse filled with candles. It’s all about having an imagination.
  • 4. It may incorporate your power words or phrases and even numerology if you are in-tune with how numbers act as a guide leading you in the direction of your life’s design. They also can play a significant role in the law of attraction in which you manifest through the frequency and consistency of your thoughts.
  • 5. You may have heard of power words with copywriters. These words are used to evoke a psychological or emotional response. If we stick with the “candle business” idea, think of a clear and concise headline like that of which you may observe on a billboard. Make it a bold statement, headline or declaration using words that trigger a positive emotion in you. Example: “ I chose Me! A lit-life changing journey.”
  • 6. When it comes to numerology, knowing and understanding your life path number can play a significant role in becoming more self aware of your identity, your strengths, weaknesses, talents, and ambitions. It can reveal much about our instincts and outlook on life. For example, my life path number is 22. We are natural born leaders and visionaries. We are confident and great at inspiring others to reach their goals.

Ultimately, your manifestation vision board should affirmed what’s you are already believe about yourself and your greatness. If you are experiencing bouts of low self esteem or self doubt, you may considering reading my post on the 3 Signs That Your Limiting Beliefs Are Stopping You From Reaching Your Goals. This definitely helped me peel back some layers so I could do some inner work.



Coming into my own as a lifestyle blogger and creativepreneur, I wanted to see myself as an inspiration to other women sharing my stories, experiences and advice. Gracing the cover of a magazine embodies everything I want my brand to represents and how I want to see myself one day including all the opportunities that it will attract. I actually created this board back in December of 2021 and ended up manifesting a feature in Shoutoutla Magazine. It wasn’t a cover lol, however, it was confirmation to me that anything is possible with creative visualization.

Here are a few brainstorm tips to get your creative ideas flowing! 
  1. Grab a pen and pad and set your intentions on who you aspire to become or experience as your “future self”. Try to be as clear and specific as possible as this will become part of your power statement. For example: “I will live a lit-life selling my own candles!”
  2. Decide what type of vision board you are going to create and then sketch out 1 to 2 visual ideas. Write down 3 main keywords that represent your theme. Write down specific goals that correspond with your aspirations and desires. Lastly, find quotes, affirmations, numbers or any text that adds depth to your theme.
    • For example: Type: Billboard; Theme: Magazine insert; Keywords: “candle business, entrepreneur, dream job”. Related Goals: Learn how to make candles, study the candle business, build a website.
  3. The examples above I used to different backgrounds, one of a boutique store and the other of a warehouse. Each of which may have significant meanings. One could mean, you see yourself with a major distribution contract, the other could mean, a modest but thriving candle business in a close-knit community. It’s all about the visual affinity associated with your thoughts and feelings.
  4. If you are doing two boards like I did, the second one can either follow the same theme creating continuity or a different concept altogether. It’s really up to your imagination as there are no set rules to this! For my second board, I went with a table of contents that included some of my favorites quotes and numbers that are significant to me.

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1. (2) Large poster frames

Depending on your preference you can either use a black, white, or even a natural wood frame. I’ve added a link to the white and black ones for quick access. I chose two frames for the theme I was going for but one will also work.

2. The bigger the better!

I chose two white 24 x 36 inch frames which I feel is the perfect size. You want it to be a focal point but not too big where it feels a bit over the top and definitely not too small where the impact isn’t felt. Remember you will be the main attraction.

3. How to use CANVA to design your vision board template

Whether you have graphic design experience or not, Canva is a great creation tool for beginners and advance designers like myself. If you are not familiar with Canva, they offer a free trial where you can try out all the pro features including unlimited photos, templates, graphics, fonts, animations and so much more. Even the free version offers so many easy to use features. However, do Keep in mind, it’s not so much about the design itself as it is about the visual messaging and the photo(s) you chose.

  • Start by creating a new blank template and setting the measurements to 19 inches wide and 27 inches long.
  • Next I found a magazine cover template that I liked and inserted into the project.
  • Chose my typography and color theme that I use for my brands.
  • Next I added my “lead article” which was simply introducing myself to the “world” and then the “supporting cover lines” to include the topics I wanted to talk about in my blog.
vision board

4. Printing your vision board

I printed these poster size in color as Blueprints on the Office Depot website. The cost was about $3 to $4 per print and the quality is perfect!

Vision Billboard

a word of encouragement!

This vision board project is just to inspire you by seeing yourself and your greatness through a new lens! Nonetheless, no matter what type of board or theme you decide to go with, your top priority before starting any new endeavor should always be your mental health and well-being. Most of us feel the need to put pressure on ourselves at the top of the year but sometimes, just being still, taking time to reflect and meditate is just as, if not more important on our journey than actually reaching our goals. I usually don’t start my new year until February 1st, and use the month of January to just be in the moment.