Have you noticed brown, blue-gray patches or freckled spots on your face or body? These spots or patches are often referred to what is called melasma.

Don’t panic, statistics shows that melasma is a common non-threatening skin condition and it happens even more among pregnant women. In my case, pregnancy wasn’t the cause however, it is often referred to as the mask of pregnancy as a result of changing hormones but, it is also experienced by persons who are not pregnant. 

It is said that 15-50 % of pregnant women experience melasma while up to 33% of the population of women who do experience the skin condition are within their puberty years, between ages 20 and 40. 

The good news is that you are not stuck with melasma for life which is what I needed to hear. For the last several years, I had noticed these spots on my face in which I initially thought was hyper-pigmentation. However, as the spots started to increase and appear darker over the years, I started to become self-conscious.

I was never a foundation person but felt the need to wear more than I felt comfortable with. Even then, I could still see the unevenness in skin tone so I started researching the signs and symptoms and discovered it was melasma. However, after 5 long years, It wasn’t until last year, that I finally found a product that worked and I was able to gain my confidence back.

What exactly is Melasma?

Melasma before using Musely

As expressed earlier the telltale signs of melasma are brown/blue-gray patches or freckle spots. Melasma is classed as a skin disorder that affects primarily the face with key areas being the cheeks, forehead, and upper lip section. Melasma is found to be more common in women than in men and attributed to hormonal changes. Other areas of the body melasma tend to appear are the forearms, back and neck or any where that gets direct exposure to sunlight, peaking during the summer and winter season.

Melasma is also referred to as ‘Cholosma’ and though the skin condition may seem complex, the most common factor to consider is excessive sun exposure.

What is Musley and How Does It Work? 

After trying countless products from the drug store, I coincidentally came across a Musely ad on social media claiming their product was the answer to my skin disorder. The results were unbelievable but reading about other women experiences, I was compelled to give it a try.

Musely is a prescriptive skin care treatment. It is used to treat dark spots including melasma. The effectiveness of this product is embedded within the ingredients such as the hydrquinone. This helps to eliminate every sign of melasma. It is also enriched with other potent skin brightening ingredients that are sure to help in fading the brown/blue-gray patches or freckle spots related to the skin condition.

I’ve been using Musely faithfully for almost a year now and still in shock how well my melasma responded to the treatment but I still felt like it was too good to be true. I still have concerns even today from my personal experiences but first, I wanted to share some of the experiences of others I have read.

What are People Saying About Musely? 

The views across the board are totally positive and hundreds of women literally swear by the effectiveness of Musely for their melasma. The main testimonials (which can be read here or using the hashtag #MuselyWorks) across the board for Musely is that you can see an overall reduction in melasma within 30 days or less. 

For me, this wasn’t necessarily the case. After a month, I didn’t really notice any difference at all. This was a bit concerning as you only receive one (1) fl oz bottle that is a two month supply for $60. That doesn’t include the $20 for the “Doctor visit prescription fill”. Each refill after that is $60 but if you want to try or change to another product, you will have to pay another $20 for another prescription. Thankfully, two weeks later after my first month, I did see a noticeable change in my skin.

I, like many of these other women, who have tried laser treatments, facial peels, cosmetic creams and ointments but have failed to find results, have finally experienced a product that actually works as it says it would. So as you could imagine, I bought in and kept up with my treatment.

Now, after 9 months of consistently using Musely, I can confidently confirm that this product does work. On the other hand, like other women have also said, I did experience some skin irritation and peeling but that was only after bumping up my prescription from The Spot Cream Erase & Erase(No HC) to M+ (No HC). (see the ingredient dosage comparison below)

• Hydroquinone 12%
• Kojic Acid 6%
• Niacinamide 2%
• Hydrocortisone 1% compound

Erase (No HC)
• Hydroquinone 12%
• Kojic Acid 6%
• Niacinamide 2% compound

M+ (No HC)
• Hydroquinone 12% • Tretinoin 0.05%
• Kojic Acid 6%
• Niacinamide 2% compound

I also did increase my application dosage to twice a day instead of one. I believe this was in part the cause of the sudden irritation and peeling. I had gotten to a point back in March of this year where I stopped seeing results; in fact, I felt like I was starting to see spots come in again so I grew a bit concern.

I knew after reading through their eNurse app that this was going to be a lifelong commitment with breaks here and there but I wasn’t sure if this was normal or was it something I was doing wrong. I know I had missed a few days applying the cream here in there but it didn’t seem like my skin would revert back but then again I really don’t know. That’s when I read a post within the app about another woman who bumped up her dosage and switched to M+ (No HC).

Today, I am still loving the results especially when I look back at old pictures but there’s other steps I am taking to ensure I can manage this melasma for good.

Other Products/Tips That May Help Combat Melasma

Mineral Sunscreen: Don’t let the sun outside decide for you, put a mineral sunscreen on instead of a chemical one to protect you from excessive sunlight that can lead to melasma. 

Less Sun Intake and More Hydration: The use of face steams and proper moisturizing of your skin prove beneficial when preventing and treating melasma. Hydration is also key to treating melasma as it helps to improve skin health and fight pigmentation issues. 

UV Protector For Computer Screen: Believe it or not UV Rays from computer screens play a role in developing and darkening melasma. It will be quite beneficial if you can place a UV protector on your computer screen to limit some of the UV exposure.

Cleanse Face Regularly: Developing a skin routine for at least 30 days will boost regular cleansing that prove to be beneficial with fighting the onset of melasma or it becoming darker overtime. Cleansing the skin regularly helps to lighten melasma as it removes the buildup of dead skin on the surface.

Musely has a complete line of products for skin care that I am considering adding to my routine including face cleanser, day cream, sunscream, anti-aging night cream, neck cream and more. I’ll definitely continue to update you all on not only my skin’s progression but also other products I use from their line.

Self-confidence starts with self care and I hope this post has inspired you to take better care of yourself from the inside out. If you are interested in trying out Musely for yourself, use my VIP CODES to receive 50% off your first Auto-Refill order! Good until August 1, 2022.