Jogger pants aren’t just for casual days at home or running errands anymore. They have become a staple piece for women and men fashion styles whether you dress them up or down. One of my current favorite pairs are the “Urban Deco Joggers” By Brn Crtv because of their comfort, eclectic design and versatility!

Jogger Pants


The Comfort

There’s are many jogger fabric blends but I am really feeling these poly-cotton with the brushed fleece inside. What’s great about them is that they are wearable on chilly days and warmer days and they don’t make me feel heavy or constrained.

The Design

I usually opt for a neutral, pattern-free design when it comes to my personal style. Most of the time it’s because I play it safe but, over the last year or so I started experimenting with more patterns especially eclectic designs. They easily become a great statement piece that is bold, versatile and brings your whole look together.

The Versatility

Versatility is so important in your wardrobe. When you have a piece you can style with multiple different looks, it easily becomes the go-to for casual and dressy days. To add to the versatility are deep side pockets and cuffed ankle for a more chic fit and just enough stretch to move around but not lose it’s form from wear over time.

Fashionably Responsible

I believe it’s always worth mentioning when fashion brand especially just starting out opt to go for more ethically source options. It shows that they are intentional about making change for mankind and not just personal gain.

When it comes to wearing patterns and eclectic styles whether it’s a top or bottom, is to keep the rest of your outfit simple by pairing it with solids. Well unless it’s the look you are going for. I’ve always had a love and hate relationship with patterns simply because they made such a bold statement I never knew how to pair it without looking or feeling ridiculous. My personal style continues to evolve and although I love my neutrals and solids, pattern pieces gives my overall style some edginess I can feel confident about.


1. For a more traditional look for women, you can pair these joggers with an oversize hoodie, sweatshirt, t-shirt or even a cropped tee. This look also looks cute paired with heels or booties. 2. For men, a simple casual white sneaker or canvas shoe also makes the cut.

2. Another great way to style these joggers is wearing them with an oversize blouse or fitted top or bodysuit. Mixing casual and dressy gives such a cool, chic vibe especially with this loose-fitting shear blouse and heels.

3. Talk about layering! Throw on a shacket, blazer or denim jacket and bring the final look together for a day or night out on the town.