Feeling a little burnt out lately? Having frequent mood swings? It could make all the difference by implementing these 5 Self Care Practices regularly to help rejuvenate your mood.

Self Care Practices:

Self Care Practices 1


Whether you work at home or at the office, it’s important to take a self care day for yourself to reset. I find this most beneficial when I’ve checked off a major goal or reached a new milestone. I don’t recommend waiting until you’ve reached your burnout point to decide it’s time to take a break. Use this day to enjoy a movie, pamper yourself or read a new book. If you’ve been working hard and diligently, whatever ever you decide to do on this day make sure you don’t cheat yourself and instead treat yourself!

Self Care Practices 2


Ever feel like you’ve ran completely out of mental space? Then that may be a sign it’s time for a Brain Dump. Every task you’re thinking and worrying about daily will start to affect how you move throughout the day. Basically, what is called a brain fog. When I feel those symptoms coming on I know it’s time to stop and take a self care break and then start writing everything down and organizing them into a plan of action.

Carving out mental space helps you think clearly, plan effectively, hear your thoughts & reflect. It also helps you be more optimistic and less restricted by those nagging thoughts of doubts and fears.

On average, most people are able to complete 3 goals a day. Try creating a dump list and a top 3 list. Prioritize your top 3 by moving tasks from your dump list to your goal list for the day. If you can’t finish, adjust your top 3 to top to 1 or 2 a day. Either way, a task completed is still a goal achieved so don’t be so hard on yourself!

Self Care Practices 3


CLUTTER WILL STRESS YOU THE HELL OUT. I don’t know about you but I can’t be productive when my home or create space is in chaos. Make it routine to do mini de-clutter sessions regularly to increase productivity and decrease stress and anxiety.

Self Care Practices 4


Whether you are into self help, auto biography, romance or sci-fi, it’s important that you are reading for pure enjoyment and pleasure. Studies have shown that reading for pleasure increases empathy, improves relationships with others, reduces the symptoms of depression and improves your overall well-being.

Self Care Practices 5


Don’t just send a text. Communication has become way too impersonal with the text generation. Picking up the phone and calling family & friends is a great way to strengthen connections. Not only will it help boost your mood and improve your overall mental health, it can also improve someone else’s day.