Don’t be surprise if Angela Means, who many recognize as Felicia from the movie “Friday”, greets you while ordering your food. She may even bring your food to you and offer you water, peppers, tartar sauce or anything else she thinks you may need to enjoy your meal. That’s just the hospitality that comes along with eating at Jackfruit Cafe inside Colony.

If you’ve never heard of Colony, they describe themselves as s self-contained high performance smart kitchen. Others describe it as “ghost”, “virtual” or “cloud” kitchens; essentially housing cuisines from different restaurants creating a new customer retail experience.

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Jackfruit cafe is a #DeliciouslySoulful vegan restaurant that offers flavorful crusines for all your “non-vegan” cravings. Serving everything from their popular Jackfruit Soul Bowl, Vegan Fish Sandwich, Jackfruit Tacos and of course my fav, Side Of Shrimp.

Side Of Shrimp

Seasoned to perfection, this side of “shrimp” is definitely a whole meal! The crispy-fried batter and “shrimp-like” flavor will have you scratching your head; it’s has an unbelievable taste and texture resemblance to real shrimp. Only $10 for 7 to 8 shrimp, I mean “shrimp” 😉 and well worth the price!

Jackfruit Soul Bowl

This hearty and savory bowl is another go-to fav for my soul food cravings. I’m not a super fan of black-eyed peas but this medley does it for me. I’ve tasted and prepared jackfruit quite a few different ways but the way the bbq hits my palate, it’s almost hard to believe I’m eating fruit and not meat. You have the option of other sauces as well including Buffalo, Korean BBQ and mango habanero. The bowl also includes Jasmine rice, greens, Mac & cheese, a plantain and cornbread muffin.

Make sure you stop by Jackfruit Cafe and try some of Angela Mean’s signature cuisines! Tag her on Instagram and let her know Teetothe sent you! You can also visit her website and read more about her involvement in giving back to the community.

I spoke with Angela briefly about the future of Jackfruit Cafe and she says she’s opening another location in the coming weeks near USC in Jefferson Park. Be sure to stop by and say hello when it opens and let me know which meal you enjoyed!